Friday, December 1, 2017

Cash Discounts Are Not Coverage

There are a lot of dentist now that will offer a discount to people who pay in full with cash or credit in their office. Now, there is even a certain app that you can download that will let you know which ones are offering that. It sounds good, but it is still not coverage.

A discount like this is similar to an in-house dental plan to which I know that I have cautioned everyone about in multiple blogs over the years. They work the same way and they have the same disadvantages. They will ONLY work at that particular dentist office. If you are referred to a specialist (which more and more dental centers are doing now these days) they you are stuck paying full cost out of pocket there too. I mean, if you have the money to do it, then great, it may work for you, but if you are like most of us that can not afford the high and still rising cost of a dental visit than adequate dental coverage is still a necessity for you.

I am all for shopping around for the best deal. Sometimes I drive people nuts when I go store hopping to pay the lowest price possible for anything I can. However, when it comes to my mouth, my teeth, my smile, my dental health, I stick with my dentist and use my coverage. I also have a heart condition that I was born with. As a result I need regular checkups with a cardiologist. I don't call 5-6 cardiologist offices every year to find out who has the cheaper price. I stick with the same cardiologist that I have had for many years, because he knows my situation and how best to treat it. It should be no different with your dentist. He or she knows your situation and how best to handle it. You should stick with your dentist and not shop around for this month's best price.

It is great that dentists offer discounts. It is a great way to get a new patient in their office, but be sure to check it out first. The deals don't always last and they not always what they are cracked up to be.

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