Wednesday, October 4, 2017

No Toothbrush? What Should I DO?

It happens to all of us at some point in our life; forgetting to brush or bring a toothbrush with us as we are running out of the house because we are late, have an important meeting right after lunch, going on weekend get away or even dry camping!

Don't  Fret, there are many different ways you can brush your teeth without a toothbrush:

  • Eat crunchy veggies/fruits - These help scrape plaque from your teeth, removing odor causing bacteria.
  • Nibble on cheese - Cheese contains enzymes that help neutralize the bacteria that lead to bad breath.
  • Water - Rinse mouth with water, this helps wash away any food particles.
  • Chew gum - Yes, sugarless is the best but any gum will do. Gum helps looses stuck food particles in between teeth and helps produce saliva.
  •  Use paper towel - Wrap a piece of paper towel around your finger and using it as a brush.  
  • Find a twig - This is a perfect solution if your camping in the middle of the woods. Pick a flexible twig, peel the bark off and chew on one end until the fibers separate, turning the end into a little brush. 

*Keep in mind these are just temporary solutions until you have access to your toothbrush:

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