Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Got A Cavity? Get It Fixed Sooner Rather Than Later

I was in a networking meeting a couple weeks ago and giving the presentation was a hygienist from one the local dental centers who also a provider on the plan. He showed a very through presentation on the progression of a cavity.

A small cavity, when caught and fixed is not really a big deal. A simple filling and you are good to go. Relatively in expensive and easy to do. However, if that cavity is ignored, then it gets worse and that simple filling takes more time to fill, which usually means more drilling into your tooth. If that cavity is ignored even longer, then you are at risk of cracking a breaking the tooth as soon as you eat something that is hard and need a crown.

Eventually, an ignored cavity will get big to be able to fill and get down to the root. That's when you are in a lot pain, at risk for abscess or infection and will most likely need that dreaded root canal and a crown. We ALL know how expensive that can be.

Don't freak out just because you have a cavity. It is fixable as long as you do it soon. If you procrastinate then it will no only get worse. Timing is everything! Get your cavities fixed sooner rather than later!

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