Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Interesting and Fun Facts About Nitrous Oxide

You may have been treated to a dose of Nitrous Oxide at the dentists office; you know, the gas that makes you loopy, leaves you feeling kind of drunk in the dentist chair so that you don't care what is happening?  This is a drug with many names and as it turns out, many uses.  Here are some fun (and some serious) facts about the drug we've come to know as laughing gas!
  • It is also known as: Happy Gas, NOS, N2O, Hippy Crack, Sweet Air and Inhalation Sedation!
  • It is in high demand in many circles in Europe as a recreational drug.  (Second only to marijuana, in fact.)  
  • It is both an Anesthetic and an Analgesic.  
  • It is used in Motor Racing to enhance engine capability.
  • It is used in Rocket Launching as a propellant.
  • It is a Greenhouse Gas, making it a major Air Pollutant.
Who knew?  Now, when you visit the dentist next you can give the dental assistant a lesson on the versatility of Nitrous Oxide!  Between giggles, that is.

Keep Smiling!

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