Saturday, December 10, 2016

Caring For Rabbit Teeth

It seems like we are always posting something about dental care for dogs and cats but what about other animals? I came across an article about dental care on rabbits and I though I would share this information with you!

I used to have rabbits when I was younger and I never knew these important things about caring for their teeth.

Listed below are some dental tips for rabbits:

  1. Give them tough- fibrous foods like hay, vegetables and fruits to help keep teeth properly worn because all of their teeth are constantly growing (about 1-5 mm per week).
  2. Dental disease is common in rabbits if they are not on a proper diet and old age, symptoms include:
    1. Not eating (wight loss)
    2. Facial discharge
    3. Tooth elongation
  3. Teeth trimming - This requires visiting the veterinarian because they are professionals with training and they will using special equipment. You should have your rabbits teeth looked at on a regular bases to see if they need to be trimmed. Like I mentioned above with tough-fibrous foods they teeth will we naturally worn down but sometimes they will need some extra assistance.
  4. Molar spurs or points - Sharp edges that cut the tongue or cheeks causing painful sores. These spurs will need to be surgically removed and the points can be shaved down. 
I found this information here and here!

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