Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dental Emergency Kit

We have all heard of a first aid kit, and majority of us either have one in the car or at home, but do you have a dental emergency kit? I know I don't and never even thought about having one. 

Dental emergency kits are great to have on hand especially if your around sporting events which is the most common place to receive dental injuries.

Making your own dental emergency may cost more money then buying a pre-made one but with making your own you know you will have everything you need.

What you should have in your dental emergency kit:
  • Gloves - Never put your hands inside someones mouth without gloves on, you never know if there will be blood involved. 
  • Temporary filling - This is used to cover a hole. It helps keep air from hitting the nerve and help keep food from getting into the area. 
  • Orajel - Helps relieve tooth pain and mouth sores. This is not a long term solution. 
  • Cotton balls, gauze pads and q tips - These will be necessary if a tooth has fallen out. These can also be soaked up in various medicines and applied to and abscess  or to gum lines.
  • Peroxide - Excellent gargling solution that can help clean the teeth and gums. Swishing the peroxide around in the mouth helps prevent infection from setting in.
  • Salt - Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water helps lessen a toothache.
  • Dental mirror - This will help you look all the way back to the mouth.
There are many other things that you can include in your dental emergency kit, such as essential oils, tea bags and etc. 

Remember this is just a emergency kit to help you until you can see your dentist. Never leav anything untreated, it can make you sick and can even lead to death.

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