Thursday, June 25, 2015

What Does Your Tongue Say About You?

What do you know about your tongue other than it lets you taste your food and helps you swallow?

Your tongue can give you a glimpse into your overall health!

Below are some irregularities you may find on tongue that may indicate serious medical conditions:
  • White patches - If you notice this discoloration, it may be an overgrowth of yeast or thrush. You are at a higher risk developing this if you are taking antibiotics, on chemotherapy or on medical steroids.
  • Redness - This Rosy color goes hand in hand with a sore throat or scarlet fever. This is usually associated with a high fever which can be treated with antibiotics. A red/shiny tongue can also be caused by vitamin deficiency in folic acid, B-12 or iron.
  • Black and hairy - Don't Panic... this is sometimes caused by antibiotic use,diabetes, and if you are receiving chemotherapy.
Even if you don't have any irregularities yet, always check your tongue on a daily bases when you brush your teeth. if you notice any discolorations, lumps, sores or pain you should contact your primary physician or your dentist right away!

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