Thursday, January 22, 2015

Discount Dental Plans ARE "Real" Dental Coverage!

A misconception about dental plans was made even more evident to me earlier this week when I was told by someone they only needed the plan until they find "real dental coverage". A misconception that a dental plan, such as Savon, is not real coverage could not be further from the truth. In fact, a dental plan is better coverage for you than dental insurance. Anyone that thinks or is told different I would invite to speak to the 30,000+ members of our plan that have saved tremendously over the last 22 years!

I am not sure where this misconception came from. I am not sure if it is the word "Discount" or "Plan" compared to "Insurance" or if it is the fact that insurance has coverage for just about anything. Whatever the case, dental insurance seems to have more attention then the plans do. 

So, here I am to present my case as to why Dental Plans should get the recognition and respect in the industry that they deserve. 

#1: Immediate Coverage- With a dental plan, you do not have to have to wait for your coverage to start. In fact, we have people sign up in the dental office and they are covered right then and there. 

#2: No Waiting Periods - For those of us that do not like to pay for something that they cannot use for what they need, then a Dental Plan is your option. With Dental Insurance, you have waiting periods on most major procedures anywhere from 6 - 24+ months. If you have a child that needs braces and you choose dental insurance, then your child will have to wait on average for over a year to be covered and that's if your insurance plan covers them at all. With a dental plan, they are covered immediately!

#3: No Limit To Visits or Coverage Caps: With a dental plan, you can go to the dentist whenever you want, as many times as you want and get as much work as you need done, without having to worry about whether or not you will exceed the $1,500.00 per year (on average) that dental insurance limits you to. 

#4: Better knowledge of fees that are charged. With a dental plan, the dentists are bound by a set fee schedule that they are required to charge you off of. This helps regulate the cost of dental work and prevents erroneous increases in prices. By having that fee schedule, you as the patient are now aware of the what the prices are and what is covered by the plan. You do not have to worry if the dental insurance company is going to deny the claim or only pay a portion of it. Also FYI, Savon Dental Plan discounts every single procedure, listed or unlisted. 

These are just 4 examples of why dental plans should not be underestimated, undervalued or misconstrued as sub-par coverage. Hands down, comparing apples to apples, dental plans have a leg up on the dental insurance companies and are proven to save YOU as the patient more money at the dentist office. 

For more information on comparing dental plans to insurance click here!


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