Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Difference Between A Regular Cleaning And A Deep Cleaning

Have you ever been told you need a deep cleaning? If you are not in the dental field, you may not know the difference between a routine cleaning (Prophylaxis) and a deep cleaning (scaling and root planing).

Routine cleaning (Prophylaxis) - These cleanings are generally done every 6 months (If you are wearing braces your dentist might recommend coming back more frequently) to keep your teeth and oral tissues healthy by removing calculus, plaque and stains. this procedure is completed in one appointment.

Deep cleaning (Scaling and root planing)-This cleaning is longer in duration than a regular cleaning. Plaque and tarter on the surface of the teeth create the right environment for bacteria to thrive. Bacteria irritates the gums and can cause bleeding. If you notice your gums are bleeding while you are brushing or eating this is the early stage of gum disease called gingivitis. If you leave this untreated, gingivitis can create periodontal pockets below the gum line causing the bone structure to weaken. Deep cleaning or root planing smooths out the surface of the roots, removes bacteria and infected portions of the teeth. Tarter deposits and plaque under the gumline are also removed by scaling.

Part of good dental care is understanding dental terms!

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