Monday, March 31, 2014

Mouthpiece is NOT just equipment for football players!!

You hear it every pop warner season, coaches yelling "Get Your Mouthpiece In". Where you don't hear it is in basketball or baseball. As the baseball season in teeing off today on all levels, it is important the your child is protected as much as possible. Youth leagues all around have done a great job to make sure that your young player is as safe as possible. However, the league can only do so much. Making sure your young athlete has the right equipment will help ensure that they are protected. 

A mouthpiece, (or mouthguard) is one of the pieces of equipment. In baseball a mouthpiece can protect the teeth if they get hit in the mouth with a ball. It will stop the from biting their tongue when swing, sliding, or diving and will protect them if by chance there is a collision with another player on field.

When it comes to sports, you can never be too safe. For more tips on your keeping your baseball player safe this season visit the Kids Health website.

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