Monday, December 2, 2013

The Holiday Trifecta.. Don't let it effect your smile!

Thanksgiving is over and I am not sure about you, but I am still stuffed. After enjoying a great turkey dinner (courtesy of my wonderful mom and dad), I have lived the past 3 days off of turkey sandwiches, left over stuffing, wild rice and pie. Not the best eating in the world, but hey, it's the holidays! As the first leg (pun intended) of the holiday trifecta is complete, now comes the next 2, Christmas and New Years. 2 holidays back to back. Which means more food! Ham, cookies, candy, cookies, snacks, cookies, pie, and more cookies!

Well if you are anything like me, the you know how good that turkey sandwich at midnight taste especially when it is washed down with milk, pie and cookies. However, if there is one thing I had noticed about myself over this weekend, is that I would brush and floss about 10:30 - 11:00pm before I would normally go to bed. Then around mid-night as I am up enjoying my little vacation from work, I would eat that midnight turkey sandwich. I would fall asleep on the couch and not brush again! When I woke up, I would have a film on my teeth, food stuck in my teeth and buildup around my gum line.

This lead to me post this blog! As you endure the multi-eating habits and opportunities of the holiday trifecta, make sure that you keep up with your dental care. Brushing 3 times a day is key, especially during this time of the year! Flossing is a must. (as it always is) During the holiday season, you tend to eat more turkey and ham. If some of it gets stuck in your teeth and is not removed you can wake up to a swollen gums. So remember to take that 2-3 minutes of to brush and floss as you are enjoying your holiday feasts.

Happy Holiday Season!

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