Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A New Age Toothbrush called Blizzident: Is This Thing For Real?

Well you've got to give it to technology on this's about time they came up with an improvement on the ordinary toothbrush! Do you fight for time in the morning to brush your teeth? Does that 3 minutes or so make you late to work everyday? Are you afraid you weren't thorough enough? Then this is the toothbrush for you! Not only is this a new way to go about brushing, but it's a super time-saver as well! I have to admit the design is pure genius. Apparently, it is a custom made appliance that molds perfectly to the shape of your teeth, with little soft bristles added so that when you place it in your mouth, by simply biting and grinding you can clean your teeth thoroughly in....(what?) 6 seconds! That's right!
  I will say that it looks a little like a creature from the ocean...(a sea anemone is what came to mind when I viewed the picture.) All in all I think it may take awhile for this to catch on, but it is kind of a refreshing idea. Kids would probably love it. Watch your pets though...they may mistake it for a toy. Ewwww....
Now, I did check out the cost, and this thing is pricey at $339 and it requires a visit or two to the dentist for impressions. According to their website it needs to be replaced once a year, though the replacement cost is only listed at $179.

If you'd like to find out more about Blizzident, I found this link online. Interesting stuff.

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