Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why You Should Invest In a Tongue Scraper

Yes, really! A tongue scraper. You can find them in drugstores and department stores and they're usually under $2. Now, here's the reason why. Simply brushing your tongue isn't enough! I'm guilty of that...I thought I had the right idea, but I was corrected by an article I saw this morning about the importance of scraping your tongue vs. brushing it. Food imbeds itself in the papillae on your tongue every time you eat the same way that dirt and particles get imbedded in shag carpeting...(yes, they actually used that as an example) and it builds up and sits there day after day and rots, literally, on your tongue, causing bad breath. Using a tongue scraper once a day can remove the buildup of food and liquids and keep you out of embarassing situations caused by halitosis...(ummm, bad breath)! Try to make it a part of your daily hygiene routine. You'll be glad you did. Oh, and be sure to check with your dentist or hygienist because many of them include tongue scrapers now in the hygiene kits that they hand out after a cleaning. And as always, keep smiling!

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