Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Scientists Deem Chocolate Good For Your Teeth!

I actually had to laugh when I first read up on this topic. All those years of dentists coaching you to eat less sweets and VOILA! A dream come true for me and I'm sure many other chocolate lovers! As it turns out, scientists report that parts of the cocoa bean that are used to make chocolate, also have natural occurring antibacterial agents that help fight mouth bacteria that causes tooth decay. The polyphenolen in cocoa has been shown to inhibit the growth of of bacterias such as Streptococcus which produces the sticky substance called glucan that allows cavity causing bacterias to adhere themselves to the teeth. I also read that there are a few European companies such as Barry Callebaut and Smet who have created the first chocolate that does not cause cavities. This chocolate is made with a different type of sugar called isomaltulose which does not increase acidity levels in the mouth that lead to tooth decay. Keep in mind while scientists have deemed chocolate good for your teeth, it still is loaded with calories and sugars that can lead to weight problems and such, so it's good to continue to consume them in moderation. Original post by Dawn_DA

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