Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Dental Technologies

Technology is always changing and getting more and more advanced.  This is just not happing with cell phones or computers, there is new technology coming in to the dental field as well.  Here are some new dental technologies...

OraVerse- We all hate that numbness after a treatment right?  OraVerse is a new technology to help reverse the effect.  This will be injected right  after a treatment so the numbness wears off in half the time.

Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning – Tried of going to get a dental cleaning and having the hygienist scrape and scrape?  An instrument called a Cavitron uses vibrations to blast away plaque and tartar.

Invisalign- Need braces but don't want the metal brackets? Invisaligns are clear, removable aligners that move your teeth without having to deal with the metal brackets and wires.  Also a plus to wearing invisalign is that you cannot tell you are wearing braces!

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