Friday, June 22, 2012

15 Facts about Teeth

1.A human child will lose their first tooth around 7.
2. The enamel on a humans tooth is the hardest thing in their body.
3. A mammal has 2 types of teeth called primary and permanent teeth.
4. Teeth in humans start to form before they are born.
5. Toothbrush bristles were originally made from the hair of cows.
6. Baby teeth are actually called milk teeth.
7. A Shark has around 40 sets of teeth in their life time.
8. A human baby has 20 teeth which start to grow at about 6 months old.
9. An adult human has 32 permanent teeth.
10. Humans only have 2 sets of teeth in their life time.
11. A humans front teeth are called "incisors"
12. An adult human has 2 "canine" teeth that have points and are used for tearing.
13. A human uses "molars" to grind their food.
14. Teeth are kept alive by blood and nerves.
15. Teeth are fixed into jaw bones and held in place by cement.

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