Thursday, December 8, 2011

15 Myths and Facts About Cavities

  • Sugar Is the Prime Cause of Cavities Myth and fact.

  • Exposure to Acidic Foods Like Lemons Causes Tooth Decay Fact.

  • Kids Are a Lot More Likely to Get Cavities Than Adults Myth.

  • Aspirin Placed Next to a Tooth Will Help a Toothache Myth.

  • All Fillings Eventually Need Replacing Myth.

  • If You Have a Cavity, You'll Know It Myth.

  • Once a Tooth Is Treated, the Decaying Stops Fact.

  • Cavities Are More Likely Between Teeth Fact.

  • Gaps in Teeth Encourage Cavities Fact.

  • Chips and Cracks in Teeth Lead to Decay Fact

  • Sensitivity in Teeth Means You Have Decay Myth.

  • Cavities Are the Prime Reason for Root Canals Myth.

  • Clenching and Grinding Leads to Cavities Myth and sometimes fact.

  • You Don’t Need to Worry About Cavities in Baby Teeth Myth.

  • Brushing and Flossing Is the Best Way to Prevent Cavities Fact. “Absolutely!

Check the myths and facts here: to find out how cavities are caused, prevented, and treated.

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