Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sweet or Sour Treats-Which is best for Tooth Enamel

I read an article on the MSN news page some time ago that I thought was interesting. If you're like me, you probably never considered the effects of sour treats on your teeth. We all know that excessive sugar breaks down the enamel on our teeth, but as it turns out, sour treats such as sour Gummy Worms or Jolly Ranchers may be worse! Sour treats have more citric acid and other erosives in them than the sugary treats do. In contrast, chewing gum (which promotes production of saliva that helps build enamel) and drinking milk have the opposite effect, as they tend to build enamel. So if you're going to have a sour candy treat, follow it up with a glass of milk or chew some gum afterward!
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