Friday, January 14, 2011

New Zodiac Sign? Really?

This past week it's been all over the news and Internet (and yes, this appears to be a very important topic lol). Changes in the zodiac, or "star sign", has people in an uproar and has sparked a world wide controversy. It is now being reported that our "signs" are majorly inaccurate. Star signs were created about 2000 years ago by tracking the Sun's position in the sky each month. According to a member of the Minnesota Planetarium Society, the gravitational pull of the moon has altered the earths rotation on its axis, causing a one-month jolt in the stars alignment. This means that those who thought they were Capricorns are actually Sagittarius', those who thought they were Aquarius' are actually Capricorns etc...

Hmm.. I wonder if this explains why my horoscope was never really accurate?? Just a thought.
Read the full story HERE and tell us what side of the controversy you're on! :)

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