Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Ok, so most of us tend to surf the web on all different things right? After today I am going to be sure not to go to sites I don’t know.
At work I thought I would get my ‘blog’ posted and I was surfing around for some ideas. Never once did I click to download anything, I was only viewing web pages. Well the next thing I know my internet froze. I did the control alt delete to close it and then opened a new browser and thought all was ok. Boy was I wrong! I ended up getting a virus (can’t remember the name, I am home now). It is one that takes snap shoots of your screen and gathers your financial information, like if you log onto your bank, ect. The worst part is it was my work computer. Luckily our virus protection stopped it but not before it planted itself into my hard drive. I hope my boss knows how badly I feel and I really was just trying to get my blog done so he’d be happy.
Long story short, when you go to a page you don’t know you always run that risk! So be careful and surf at home, then it is your own computer you mess up!
If you think your computer might be infected try here for a free virus scan.

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Anonymous said...

That is good advice! Kinda scary that you got a virus at work! and snapshots of your screen! good work!