Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time for the Super Bowl!

Let’s go Cardinals! We finally made it to the super bowl, woo hoo! And like most you will be watching it at home, at a party with a group of friends or someplace where there is a nice big screen! And a few will be lucky enough to afford to go. (:
For those staying home and want to put a party together here are some idea’s on what to have!
Party supplies you can always get paper products, centerpieces & decorations at your local party store. Makes it more festive.
Things to eat can be chips & salsa, veggie tray, hot dogs, wings, and what ever else might be easy to serve.
Make sure you have everyone come a little early that way there is time to munch & chat. Not much of that will be going on once the game starts. (:
What ever you do, have fun & be safe! And let’s go CARDINALS!!!!

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