Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Having Dentures does NOT mean No More Dental Visits!

We hear this time and time again in our office, "I have dentures now so I no longer need your plan". As good as that may sound to you as a denture patient, the reality of it is quite the contrary.  You see, getting dentures is not an end game for going to the dentist.  The ADA recommends that you still have your check-ups every year and also be checked for oral cancer. Denture patients run a higher risk of it.

Having no dental coverage at all can lead to very costly dental bills, even if you have dentures. Broken, ill-fitting dentures or even if you are just going for that routine check-up, your dental bill can add up quickly.  Fact: most problems with dentures happen in the first 2 years. Those that have had dentures for 5 years or more are less likely to have any significant problems with them, however, those twice yearly check-ups are still highly suggested.

Keep Smiling! 

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