Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Do You Disinfect Your Toothbrush? Should You?

It seems we disinfect everything nowadays, so why not our toothbrushes? 

It is that time of year again, (except "that time of year" is now all year long!) you know, when viruses abound in the form of head colds, flu, bronchitis, stomach viruses...your kids bring it home from school, it's prevalent in the workplace, grocery stores, etc. But the ongoing threat is a stronger culprit to add to the usual season of germ infestation, in the form of COVID-19.  It's everywhere that the average flu bug is; and it's meaner. 

When we or someone around us is sick, we tend to reach for that can of Lysol spray or the bottle of bleach and disinfect everything from our doorknobs to our computer keyboards and even the telephone receiver!  But....what about our toothbrushes? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to that.  Research differs on the subject.  Some healthcare providers suggest that you boil your toothbrush or rinse it in a bleach solution and then with clear water, or even replace it.  Others will tell you that there is no need because you cannot re-infect yourself with the same virus over and over as your antibodies will prevent it.  Hmmmm.....not so sure I believe that. Not anymore.  But to be clear, I am no doctor! 

So, who to believe? Personally, I trust my own instincts. To prevent illness from spreading in my household or workplace I will disinfect everything you can imagine that may have have a hint of a virus.  Now, this is a personal thing and others may not feel that way but I prefer to err on the side of caution, and my "phobia" has served me pretty well over the years!  Follow your instincts.  If you think it will help to disinfect your toothbrush then do it, if for no other reason than your own piece of mind! 

Stay Healthy and Keep Smiling! 

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