Friday, March 4, 2022

Can Sugar-Free Things Still Damage Your Teeth?

You may think that since your sodas, energy drinks and candy bars say "sugar -free" they are automatically better for your teeth. Sorry to say but according to recent research, they can still damage your teeth.

Australian researchers tested 23 sugar-free and sugar-containing products such as sports drinks and so on. They found that even if they say sugar-free, the acidic additives and low pH levels still harm the teeth.

According to Eric Reynolds, the CEO of the Oral Health Cooperative Research Center at Melbourne University said his colleagues and himself found most soft and sports drinks caused dental enamel to soften by 30-50 percent. Both sugar-free and sugar-containing drinks and flavored mineral waters caused measurable loss of tooth surface.

Remember cutting down on your sugar intake isn't always good for your teeth! Always check the list of acidic ingredients on drinks before you buy! Knowing what to look for can end up saving your teeth and smile!

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