Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Risky Tik Tok Trend Brings Warnings From Dentists

Dentists are condemning a viral TikTok video that suggests people rub a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on their teeth to whiten them, according to a July 13, 2021 news story on KIRO7.com. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a melamine foam sponge used for household cleaning purposes.

Although Magic Eraser packaging states that the sponge should not be used on skin or other body parts, one woman claims on TikTok she has used it for the last two years to whiten her teeth.

Her teeth may appear whiter, but Texas dentist Dr. Benjamin Winters explained in a rebuttal video that what the woman has done is scrub the enamel off her teeth.

The sponge should not be used on teeth because it becomes abrasive when melamine foam is mixed with water and other chemicals, according to the news article.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers already carry a warning advising against their use on the skin or body parts. A safety advisory has also been added to the TikTok video, according to the news story.

Until next time; brush, floss and keep smiling!

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