Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Great Toothbrush Dilemma - Soft or Medium

When you go to store to buy a new toothbrush, the dilemma begins. What kind of brush do you buy? Soft bristle, Medium Bristle, Extra Soft? So many choices!! Well, the answer is quite simple. First of all, just know that a hard bristle brush (you know, the kind that could almost double as a BBQ grill cleaner) are few and far between and hard to find anymore. For most people, the soft brush is a good fit, but let's compare them so you can decide for yourself.
Soft Bristle: This is what the majority of people will use. The bristles are firm enough to effectively clean your teeth and loosen anything that is stuck in your teeth as well. The soft bristles are designed to be easy on your gum line and will reduce the chance of getting cuts.
Medium Bristle: The need for a medium brush is rare. First, if you have sensitivity in your gums you will want to stay away from it so you can avoid irritation. This is a good fit for someone who is a "soft brusher". Which means if the pressure you put on your brush is really light, then the medium bristles will counteract that.
Extra-Soft: This brush is key for people that have sensitive teeth and gums. The bristles are soft enough to avoid irritation.
Make sure that you consult with your dentist about which brush is recommended for you!

As always, keep smiling!

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