Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Modern Advancements in Dental Xray Technology

The advancement in x-ray technology is nothing short of amazing. The old days of having to hand develop the images, use lighting boards and wait a while are long past us.

Digital x-rays today are quicker, clearer, readily available at any time and more accurate than ever before. Almost every dental center is now using them. The feedback that I have received from the dentists about them have been great. It really makes their job easier and making tracking the treatment progress easier as well.

For the patient it is less intrusive, the process is quicker and they have the peace of mind that their dentist is getting the best image possible of their teeth and mouth. Not to mention that the dental office now has the ability to save multiple x-rays electronically that will not fade or get damaged over time from being placed in a file.  As I write this, no doubt the process is being improved upon as technology advances. 

Just another reason to keep smiling!

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