Sunday, July 15, 2018

You Don't Have To Go To The Specialist Your Dentist Referred You To

When a dental center refers you to a specialist, they tend to use the same specialists. There are many reasons why they do this. They may be friends with that specialist. They have a working relationship with that specialist. They could be collaborating with that specialist and referring both ways. None of which are bad. If you trust your dentist, then you should trust the specialist that they refer you too, as you know that your dentist has the best in mind for your dental health.

However, that does not mean that you required to go to that specialist. When you are referred out, you as patient has the option to go a specialist of your choosing. One of them main factors would be, if that specialist is not a provider on your coverage. Rarely does the referring dental center check that. They just make the referral. It is up to the patient to make sure that they are covered at that office.

Too many times we have heard about a patient that has had to pay much more than they should have because they were referred to specialist that is not in their coverage network.

Another thing, make sure you shop around. There are general dentists that can do some if not most of procedures that other dentist would refer you out to. For example, some dentists will refer you to a endodontist for a root canal on a back molar. I personally know dentist that will do that in their office and save you the cost of a specialist. So make sure you are doing your research.

If you are a Savon Dental Plan patient, we have that information on hand for you. If you are referred to specialist, call our customer service center before you do anything else. We have tools readily available to let you know if they are a provider on our plan, we have record of the dentists different abilities and can often send you for a second opinion to a dentist that would be more likely to perform the procedure there and save you a lot more money.

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