Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Could Diet Soda Be As Bad For Your Teeth As Sugary Soda?

The answer is yes!  In fact, diet sodas contain artificial chemicals and acids that can be bad for the body altogether, as well as your teeth.  We all know that sugary drinks such as soda and fruit blends can be harmful to the enamel on teeth, but studies have shown that diet soda and it's acidic additives such as phosphoric, tartaric and citric acids can be equally as harmful.

For prevention of tooth erosion, limit your intake of acidic beverages (these include soda, diet soda, fruit juices and citrus juices..) If you are going to drink them, it is best to do it with a meal, then rinse or brush shortly afterward. According to research, Tap Water (typically fluoridated) Root Beer, Coffee and Black Tea are among the better choices for acidic drinks..  Milk is also a good choice. The compounds in these drinks are less harmful than other, more acidic drinks. Also, the routine of brushing your teeth twice per day with an enamel strengthening toothpaste can help ward off erosion.

It's really all about moderation and common sense.  Obviously if you drink a dozen diet drinks in a day, or sip fruit drinks like lemonade and grapefruit juice all day, you're going to damage your teeth over time!  Just be smart about your choices and you'll keep that pearly smile for many years to come.

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