Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Is Your Thanksgiving Feast Good For Your Teeth?

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! While you are enjoying that wonder feast, I'm pretty the last thing on your mind is, if these delicious foods are good for your teeth. RIGHT??

The following information is brought to you by the American Dental Association (ADA).

  • Turkey
    • Good: Turkey is packed with proteins.
    • Bad: Turkey get stuck in between your teeth, so make sure to floss!
    • Mouth Healthy: Yes, Eat up!!
  • Cranberry Sauce
    • Good: It's Tasty.
    • Bad: This is sticky, acidic and can temporarily stain teeth.
    • Mouth Healthy: If eaten alone, No. Due to the sweetness and acidity, this should be eaten with other foods.
  • Yams
    • Good: Rich in Vitamins A and C.
    • Bad: Candied yams call for marshmallows which can damage teeth since it tends to stay on your teeth longer.
    • Mouth Healthy: If candied, enjoy in moderation and drink plenty of water to help wash way food particles.
  • Green Bean Casserole
    • Good: Green beans, mushrooms and onions are healthy.
    • Bad: Tends to be stick and they been may get stuck in the teeth.
    • Mouth Healthy: Yes, Dig in.
  • Mashed Potatoes
    • Good: Potatoes contain Vitamin C, B6 and Potassium.
    • Bad: Starchy, and cavity causing bacteria loves the sugar that makes starch.
    • Mouth Healthy: If covered with gravy, No. The health benefits are diminished to some extend .
  • Pumpkin Pie
    • Good: Pumpkins contain Vitamin A, which helps keep your gums healthy and builds the hard outer shell of the teeth.
    • Bad: Contains added sugar plus whatever whipped topping you are using.
    • Mouth Healthy: This is usually a once a year treat so dish it out after dinner!
On Thanksgiving Day, try to avoid foods that contain excess sugar as much as you can, do not snack often. Try to brush your teeth in between snacking and sugary deserts. Consider using a mouth rinse that has fluoride in it and remember to see your dentist on a regular basis.

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