Monday, August 10, 2015

2 Dentists - 2 Different Treatment Plans. Which one is right?

This is a question that is fielded a lot here at the Savon headquarters. A member will call in after going to dentist, getting a treatment plan of what that dentist would like to do, then going to to another dentist for a second opinion and getting another treatment plan of what that dentist would like to do. The 2 dentist's treatment plan do not match, so they ask us "Which one is right"?

Here is my answer: BOTH OF THEM! Before you start hyperventilating, hear me out.

First and foremost, at Savon Dental Plan, we are not dentists and we do not have access to your dental charts, x-rays, records and or treatment plans. (unless you provide them to us). So therefore we are in no position at all to tell you if a dentist is right or wrong and we are not in any position to be able to tell the dentist what to do or not to do as it pertains to your treatment.

What I can tell you is this. When a dentist, (DMD or DDS) issues a diagnosis and prepares a treatment plan, they are doing so based on what they saw during your examination and from reviewing your x-rays. This diagnosis is based on their professional opinion and the treatment plan is laid out based on how they feel is the best way to handle your dental issue. It is also partially based on their level of comfortability in performing such procedures and the long term durability of the treatment. Believe it or not, the last thing any dentist wants is to have to work on the same tooth for the same issue over and over again.

The key word here is "professional opinion". Which is why when you go for a "second opinion" it is, in most cases, different from the one that you had before. Every dentist sees things differently. Every dentist has a different treatment preference. Some dentists are more aggressive in their diagnosis others are more conservative in their diagnosis. This in no way makes either dentist right or wrong. This in no way makes one dentist a "rip-off" and the other one a "cheap-skate". This in no way means that one dentist is "over-diagnosing" and the other is "under diagnosing". It simply means that both dentists made a diagnosis based on the professional dental opinion that is backed up by their years of schooling and experience.

So that leads us to a 2nd Question, "How do I know which one to go with"?.  

My answer: It is up to you!  If you have obtained a treatment plan from more than one dentist, then you should sit down with them side by side and compare them. Try to refrain from looking just solely at the cost, (although I fully understand that cost is big factor). However, more importantly, look at what each dentist would like to do, talk to the dental center if you have any questions, and them make the decision that you feel is best for you. The more educated you are about what each dentist wants to do, the better prepared you are to make a comfortable decision. Ultimately it is your mouth, your teeth, your smile and you are the one that is effected by the outcome of the treatment. So take the time to compare and make good educated decision.

Remember: "Be True To Your Teeth, Or They Will Be False To You" -Soupy Sales (Comedian)

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