Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Do you know the Cost vs Benefit of your dental coverage?

Do you know the Cost vs Benefit of your dental coverage? Would it surprise you to know that most people don't? It is sad reality that most people who are paying for some form of dental coverage cannot even tell you what it covers. So to them I ask this: What are you paying for? 

Now, if I made you go to your filing cabinet, grab your benefit guide or insurance declarations, then this blog has already served it's intended purpose. If not, read on while I fill you in on this little tidbit of information. If you don't know what the benefits you are receiving are, how do you know if you cost is worth it or not?

Let's break it down a little further. I will pick on dental insurance again because that's my favorite thing to do! Let's say you are paying $45.00 per month for your family, (that's $540 per year). What are getting for that? If you just said "dental insurance" then you owe me 20 push-ups. Look deeper, 30%-80% off of dental work. (you are getting there, keep going), 2 free cleanings per year (alright), 12-24 month waiting period on major procedures..(wait... what was that??) YES! My point exactly. You are going to be paying for this coverage for an entire year before your little Sammy or Sally can get their braces, or you can the get a bridge or implant that you might need. Even worse, once you are eligible to even have the procedure done, what percentage is really covered? 30%, 35%, 50% or 60%, because I can guarantee you it will not be the 80%. (that comes after you have maintained coverage for 3-4 years). Read a little more.. $1500.00 of dental work covered per person per year. So you are paying $540.00 per year to have $1500.00 worth of work done (which can go fast now days) and don't even get me into the deductible!

Anyway, my point is this. Make sure that you are not just being bedazzled by the "low monthly premium" phrase.  Please Please Please check your Cost vs Benefits and make sure you are getting coverage that is worthy of your money.

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