Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dental Care And Pregnancy

Oral health is very important while pregnant. Pregnancy causes hormonal changes in the body that put pregnant woman at increased risk for periodontal disease, which can affect the health of your developing baby.

Below are some tips to help maintain good oral health while pregnant:

  • Let your dentist know if you are pregnant.
  • Tell your dentist of all medications you are taking including prenatal vitamins.
  • Avoid dental x-rays.
  • Don't avoid dental check ups because you are pregnant.
  • If you are unable to brush your teeth due to morning sickness, ask your dentist/hygienist for recommendations on a bland toothpaste.
  • Morning sickness can lead to frequent vomiting, rinse your mouth out with water or mouthwash afterwards.
  • Cravings are common during pregnancy, be careful of what you eat. Try to avoid sugary foods.
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet.
After you have your baby, see your dentist to have your entire mouth examined and a periodontal evaluation!

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