Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Last-minute Halloween Costume ideas:

Okay, so Halloween is one day away. You haven't really planned on doing much of anything except maybe sit at home and hand out candy, when all of the sudden your best friend calls inviting you to a KILLER Halloween party you DON'T want to miss. Then you realize you have NOTHING TO WEAR! Here are a few ideas for a last minute costume emergency:

-You can wear anything as long as you look DEAD... Go to the nearest convenience store to the Halloween section and buy some fake blood and some white face makeup.. Then dress up in your most favorite outfit, but paint your face, a little blood around the nose, ears, and mouth will be a HIT!!!

-Have an old prom dress (that still fits??), or an old bridesmaid dress? You can be a dead prom date! Same with guys if you happen to have a suit lying around...

-Take an old shirt and an old pair of jeans that you don't care about and either cut holes or tear holes in them, paint your face up and go as a zombie... You can even dip in to your mom's, sisters, or girlfriends makeup (or your own) and use eyeshadow to create bruises that look REAL!

-Go as a hippy! It's the easiest costume in the world! Jeans, a shirt or a tank, and flip flops... Then part your hair down the middle and put a headband around your forehead! Decorate a plain white t-shirt with your favorite hippy design.

-Go 80's style! All you need is hairspray, spandex, and a fanny pack! Any hairstyle will work as long as it is on ONE SIDE of your head! This is for guys AND girls!

-Go Goth! Wear anything black, and wear lots and lots of black eyeliner! Simple and cheap!

If all else fails, wrap yourself up in tin foil and go as a leftover!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Happy Halloween!

original post by Moobiedoo 10/30/2008

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