Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fillings: Silver Vs. White

No one wants to hear "you need a filling" But if you need to have a filling done you will want to know what type of material will be used on your teeth.

There are two types of filling materials used to fill your teeth, Amalgam and Composite.

Amalgam: More commonly known as silver fillings. This material is made out of metallic mercury. There has been some controversy surrounding silver fillings saying it can be toxic. However research has shown that silver fillings have little threat on mercury poisoning.

The disadvantage of having amalgam fillings is the way they look in your mouth, sliver fillings tend to be gray/black or silver. Many dentist now will recommend getting white fillings. White fillings blend in with your teeth so no one will ever know you have fillings!

Composite: More commonly known as white "tooth-colored" fillings. This material is made out of microscopic glass and porcelain particles embedded in a mass of acrylic.

The disadvantage of having composite fillings is they may become slightly discolored if you eat or drink staining substances. Composites tend to wear out soon than silver fillings.

Regardless of the type of filling you need, There's no need to worry!

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