Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dental Myths - Fact or Fiction?

Myth: White teeth are healthier teeth?
Fact: White teeth my look prettier, but teeth are not meant to be pure white. Brushing regularly with fluoride toothpaste, flossing and avoiding food/drinks that will stain your teeth will help you keep your teeth white as possible.

Myth: Baby Toothpaste is better for young children?
Fact: Some baby toothpaste does not have enough fluoride in them to prevent tooth decay.

Myth: Only sugar in sweets are bad for my teeth?
Fact: Yes sugar in the sweets are bad for your teeth and over all health but dried fruits, juices, honey have all natural sugars that can cause tooth decay a well. Limit your intake of foods with sugar and brush your teeth twice a day.

Myth: There's no need to brush baby teeth?
Fact: Even though the child will lose these teeth, they still need to be brushes. This will also help establish good habits.

Myth: Bad breath is only caused by not brushing your teeth?
Fact:  Most cases of halitosis (bad breath) are caused by bad oral hygiene.

If you have any dental questions or concerns ask your dentist!

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