Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun Facts:Amazing Alternative Uses for Toothpaste!

We all know that toothpaste will clean, polish and whiten our pearly whites, but there are a variety of other uses for it that may surprise you!

For instance, did you know that it can:

` Remove minor scratches on music CD's and DVD's?
` Be used to remove small scratches on your car?
` Clean jewelry?
` Remove crayon marks from walls?
` Clean piano keys?
` Shine Chrome?
` Take the pain and itching away from bee stings and bug bites?
` Take the redness out of acne blemishes?
` Remove scuff marks from shoes?

Toothpaste (when used in the regular form, not the gel) has slight abrasive qualities and can be used for many purposes as a light rubbing compound, which allows it to perform all the extra duties mentioned above! It's a handy thing to have and is a ready staple in everyone's home.

Hope you enjoy these helpful hints!
Keep Smiling!

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