Thursday, April 28, 2016

Could You Be Suffering From TMJ?

Also known as TMJ, this disorder has a series of problems that go along with it. Your aches and pains might actually indicate a Temporomandibular Joint Problem.

The following are some of the symtoms associated with TMJ:

1. Misaligned teeth (an incorrect bite will affect the jaw.)
2. A 'clicking' or 'grinding' sound when you open or close your mouth.
3. A ringing or aching in and around the ear.
4. A pain or tenderness of the hard or soft tissue in the jaw area.
5. Facial pain.
6. Aches or pains when chewing or swallowing.
7. Headaches.
8. A 'locking' jaw joint.
9. A shoulder and/or neck ache.

Although any of these signs and symptoms could be a Temporomandibular Joint Problem, it takes a health care professional that is trained in that specific area to diagnose a TMJ problem. If you think you may have TMJ, discuss all of your symptoms with your dentist or your personal care physician.  It is a treatable disorder.  There is no need to suffer!

Keep smiling!

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