Thursday, December 9, 2010

So my teeth are really connected to the rest of my body!!

Studies for the last few years have shown a definite connection between periodontal ("gum") disease, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. Diseases of the oral cavity, such as periodontal disease and its part in the overall general health of the individual have been reported in the literature for many years including the 2000 Surgeon General's Report on "Oral Health in America."

To summarize, science and research is now pointing to a direct relationship of periodontal disease to heart disease and stroke. With an estimated periodontal disease rate of 33% of the people over the age of 50 and the large numbers of people that die each year from stroke and cardiovascular disease, these findings could have a profound outcome on the treatment of stroke and cardiovascular disease. As science has now shown, in case there was ever any question about it, yes, your teeth are connected to the rest of your body.

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