Thursday, September 16, 2010


Why do children and babies suck there thumb? Thumb sucking is a natural way the toddler and baby comfort themselves.
Thumb sucking is very difficult thing to stop if you keep allowing this through toddler years. Some ways to stop thumb sucking is to put a non-pleasant tasting substance on the toddlers thumb, or try to distract him/her if you notice them sucking their thumb.
Children who suck their thumbs after the age of 3 are in risk of dental problems. Some dental problems associated with thumb sucking:
  • Reshape the jaw
  • Upper teeth will flare out
  • Bottom teeth will move inward
  • Poor tongue placement
  • Problems chewing


Anonymous said...

I was a thumb sucker and a great product to help kids stop thumb sucking is called "Thumbuddy To Love". It comes with a story book, thumb puppet and success chart and kids love it.
Stop Thumb Sucking

Jourdin said...

Thank you for the information! I will have to look into this!