Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Black Hairy Tongue

What Is It?

The surface of your tongue has hundreds of tiny, fingerlike bumps called papillae. Your taste buds are scattered among these bumps. The papillae grow constantly, and the top layer of cells normally wears away. In some people, these cells do not wear away. The papillae grow unusually long.
When this occurs, the papillae easily trap normal debris and bacteria. The bacteria multiply, producing a dark or "black" area on the tongue. It's called black hairy tongue because the overgrown papillae look hairy or furry.
This condition is not cancer. It's also not an infection. It's something like moss growing on a rock.
The cause of black hairy tongue is not known. It's not common in healthy people. When it does occur in healthy people, it's very mild.
However, some people have a higher risk of developing the condition. Not taking good care of your teeth and gums is by far the most common factor that can lead to black hairy tongue. You also have a higher risk if you:
* Smoke
* Take some types of antibiotics (which can upset the balance of bacteria in your mouth)
* Receive chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy for head and neck cancer
* Have uncontrolled diabetes or other conditions that affect the entire body

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