Monday, May 17, 2010

Three Page Management System... Simply The Best!

For Savon Dental Plan to endorse something, there has to a benefit within the dental industry. We have have found that in the Three Page Management System. Three Page is unlike other management systems, because it allows you to manage your business yourself. It does not lock you into a multi-year contract. It does not require you to turn numbers in every week. It simply gives you the tools to effectively and efficiently manage your business.

Three Page can be put into any company in any industry, but there is a version that is customized for the dental industry. It is known as "The Missing Link, In Your Practice Software". It allows you to forecast for the 8 procedural categories and tracks that forecast weekly. The results are astonishing. You can make timely business adjustments and only focus on what matters most. This system will improve your communication, give you piece of mind and increase your profits! Three Page makes it possible for you to do all of it yourself with out an annoying consultant lurking over your shoulder.

Savon Dental Plan strongly recommends Three Page Management System to ANY dental center that is looking to improve their practice! For more information, contact Savon Dental Plan's Customer Service Center at!

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