Monday, February 1, 2010

What 2 Minutes Can Do For Our Soldiers

At times, my insomniac nature beams through and I find myself perusing the Internet researching random things. I came across this website by mere accident, but it was a wonderful thing to stumble upon.

Xerox has this website designed specifically to show our gratitude to our Troops overseas. Once at the website, you have the ability to pick out a card, add your greeting, name and location. Xerox will print it off and mail it to a recipient currently serving overseas. You're not able to pick out who will receive it, but it is guaranteed to be sent to someone who is currently serving in the Armed Forces.

Wouldn't it we wonderful if our soldiers received a bunch of these awesome cards? Whether you're for or against the war, have served or have loved ones serving, our guys and girls serving our country over seas need to know we are behind them.

Please take your spare 2 minutes to say thank you. It's just one more way to change lives, one smile at a time.

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