Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hold On To Your Dental Coverage!!!

Working in the dental industry, I've noticed the downtrend caused by the failing economy with respect to dental insurance, dental plans and even dental appointments. While dental health may not be on everyone's mind at the moment, you should still hold on to your dental coverage if you can. Unfortunately, prices for dental procedures have not gone down to match the economy. In fact, in many areas, the prices have gone up! With the decline in the number of patients being seen, many dental facilities have raised fees in an effort to recover lost revenue, so it's as important as ever to make sure that your family is covered in the event that treatment is needed! Also, remember that a good dental plan is an excellent way to help keep the cost of dentistry down, and in most cases can be used as a supplement to dental insurance. Your dental insurance plan has limitations, and a good dental plan doesn't.
Here's a link to the best one out there (in my opinion, of course!)

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