Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ways to keep a healthy smile even without dental benefits

Many dentists will work with their patients, to make sure they maintain their oral health, even if they can't make it to the office. Dr. Betor says there are 3 things you can do, to help you through tough times.

First, if you have a healthy smile you can stretch your cleanings from every 6 months, to once a year. But talk to your dentist about over the counter products that will help keep your gums healthy, and cut down on placque between visits.

Second, you can schedule cleanings with a local dentist school or program that trains dental hygienists. They are must less expensive. The downside is that appointments generally take longer, and the student isn't as aware of your dental history.

Third, postpone elective dental procedures. That includes whitening, braces for you or your children, and even replacing mercury fillings, as long as your teeth are healthy.

Dr. Betor says problems that you can't ignore include any pain, swelling, infection or broken teeth.

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