Friday, July 10, 2009

Book Binding, A Hard Decision To Make.

There are many different ways to bind books or booklets that you have printing. For a lot of customers, that decision is hard to make, mainly because they are unsure of the which type of book binding will work for them.
Here are 4 types of book or booklet bindery and the scenario in which they would be best:
1. Saddle Stitch: This is good for booklets that are "half folded" They are usually ran on a larger piece of paper, with paged printed on both sides. Then, once folded, the pages all match up. The paper is folded, stapled on the fold and then trimmed at the edge for neatness.
2. Comb Binding: This is good for books or booklets that have pages that consistently change. The "comb" is easily removed and is not hard to replace.
3. Spiral Binding: This is good for booklets that have pages that will not change, or a workbook that the pages can open all they way around on.
4. Thermal Binding: This is great for bigger books. This uses a glue strip that is heated and sealed to the spine of the book and is very durable.
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