Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ever wonder what your teeth are made of?

Teeth are made up of four things;

1. Enamel - This is the hard white outer coating of your tooth.
2. Dentine - This is just inside the enamel. It's a yellow bone (connected to your jaw bone) that has some nerves inside it is
3. Pupil - At the center of your tooth, the pulp contains important blood vessels and nerves.
4. Cementum - This is what covers the root of your tooth (the part of the tooth that is below the skin), and a periodontal ligament attaches the cementum to the bone of the jaw.

Did you know the enamel is the hardest stuff in your body? And when you get a cavity it is normally a whole in the enamel that leaves the dentin exposed. The pupil is also the main message center to the brain.

So know you know what teeth are made of! (:

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