Monday, December 22, 2008

Want to see a movie on Christmas?

Here are the new releases coming out on Christmas day...

Bedtime Stories ~ Adam Sandler / Keri Russell
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ~ Brad Pitt / Cate Blanchett
Hurricane Season ~ Forest Whitaker
Marley and Me ~ Owen Wilson / Jennifer Aniston
Shanghai ~ John Cusack / Ken Watanabe
The Class ~ François Bégaudeau / Franck Keita
The Spirit ~ Gabriel Macht / Samuel L. Jackson

I am planning on seeing Bedtime Stories so I will comment on how I thought it was after we see it. (:
Have a wonderful Holiday!


btflbutterfly77 said...

Well I went and saw the 'Bedtime Stories' on Christmas and I thought I would let you know what I thought about it.
Definitely a side of Adam Sandler you don't see much as the movie was rated PG but over all I thought it was a pretty good movie. My boys who are eight and eleven seem to like it as well. My husband though thought it was a little long and slow. But he isn't much into the kid movies as I am.
Would love to hear other reviews if anyone else saw it. (:

btflbutterfly77 said...

Oh, I also saw 'Marley and Me' last weekend and that also is a good one. Very sad at the end though but had some good laughs throughout.