Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dental Talk

Cohen’s Corner – Straight talk from the Doctor:
Is My Dentist Speaking In A foreign Language to Me?

Many of you have written and asked what the heck is my dentist trying to tell me when he/she is using all that fancy language? The answer to that question is as close as the tongue and lips you just had your dentist (hopefully) do a cancer exam on.

Sometimes in ‘the heat of the battle’ of a dental office between patients arriving a little late, the dentist running a little behind, the dental representative waiting to ‘sell’ the doctor the latest new dental device, the accountant calling to leave a message that the quarterly taxes are done and need to get into the bank tonight, the patient from yesterday’s extraction on the phone with their ‘cheek’ swelling, and the dental assistant needing to pick-up their child from school; the dentist sometimes will tell you what you need to take care of your oral health in dental terms and phrases that mean little, if anything to you.

In other words, you walk out of the dental operatory more confused as to what you need then you were when you went into the operatory. At this point you need to sit down with the office treatment consultant and discuss your treatment in terms that

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