Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bone spurs after oral surgery: Is this normal?

I was recently in a forum online and someone asked this question. Everyone else who responded said to get another dentist because this isn't normal. However, after I had my wisdom teeth pulled, I had quite a few in all 4 sockets (or my gums where the teeth used to be, not sure what to call that). Some of them were pushed out as my gums healed, some of them I worked out on my own, and some of them I had to have taken out. I've always thought this was normal, but when I googled it, I couldn't really find any information as to whether or not this is common. Anyone have any ideas?


dog said...

I had all of my teeth pulled at age 35 in 2007. Born with no enamel left me with very few teeth, dentures were the only choice. Right after I recived the dentures, I experienced bone spurs on the lower backs of both sides of my gums. I had to have them surgically filed down. Now 3 weeks later and without wearing my teeth since they are in for adjustments, I have 3 or 4 MORE bone spurs. The odd thing is no teeth in for the last 3 weeks and more bone spurs in both the same areas and a new one on top and this is almost 2 years later than I had my teeth all pulled. My dentist now thinks it is strange, I don't know whey they keep occuring. If anyone else out there has had this experience, please leave comments, we could help each other because they are painful!

Dawn_DA said...

Dog: It is very common for people to experience bone spurs anytime after extractions with no limit as to the time frame as to which they occur. Our bodies are constantly remodeling themselves as we get older and with extractions being the most traumatic and invasive procedure you can have done dental wise, your mouth is in a continuous state of remodeling and rebuilding. I have encountered patients who have experienced bone spurs 15 years after their extractions. The best thing you can do is to keep a good watch on them. If they become painful enough, your dentist should be able to locally anesthetize the area and remove the spur chairside. Most of them work themselves out a few days after they surface. For immediate relief of pain, you can always purchase OTC topical anesthetics (ie., Orajel) from your local drug store and apply to the sensitive areas. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Had 21 teeth pulled and immediate dentures put in. I have had one bone spur shimmy out and two more show up. One of which has become annoying. I will be making an appointment ASAP. The more u know ;0)